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Recognised School via
affiliation no 13853-58 Dated 24-10-2018




1. Pupils are expected to behavior in a courteous and gentle manner on all occasions. They should address their teachers and all members of the staff with due respect and politeness. Good moral behavior and gentle ways are prerequisites of every student. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct.

2. All Students must strictly observe the rules of the school . Neglecting of home work, irregular attendance, habitual idleness, objectionable moral behavior, disobedience, disrespect towards the members of the staff and any unseemly conduct or breach of school discipline or bad moral influence justify dismissal. Boy whose presence is not beneficial to the general spirit or well being of the school shall be asked to withdraw.


It is forbidden to write or scribble on the walls, desks, etc., throw paper or ink about the classroom, or in any way damage the school property, Damage done must be paid for at the discretion of the principal.


1. Boys are strictly forbidden to bring transistors to the class-room or to introduce any sort of comics or playing cards or objectionable literature into the school and to purchase any article of food from unauthorized dealers in or near the school premises.

2.Students are forbidden to bring crackers, explosive and other dangerous materials to school.

3. Pupils must not bring any electronic gadgets, for example a cellular phone, a pager, a camera or a Walkman, etc.,


1. As soon as they enter the examination room silence must be observed till the end of the examination.

2. All articles like books, bags, etc., should be kept in front of the class room before taking the seats. Check that no papers / books are with you or inside the table.

3. No students will be allowed to borrow or lend writing material during the exams.

4. Exam numbers should be written on question paper immediately after receiving them. Nothing else should be written on the question paper.

5. No student will be sent out of the examination room before the end of the allotted time for the examination. Hence, those students who are in the habit of hurrying in their work should concentrate and give a better quality work over the whole allotted time for the paper.

6. Students should tie the additional sheet along with main sheets 5 minutes before the end of examination as instructed by the invigilators and then continue writing. No additional sheet will be provided to student during the last 5 minutes of examination.

7. No student will be allowed to wait outside the examination room or in the corridors. Any student who does not respond to the instruction will be dealt with as per the rules and regulations of the school as given in the diary and as contained in the oral instructions given from time to time.


Due to increase in the vehicular traffic and accidents on the Shakti Nagar Highway and also keeping in mind the safety of our students, the Management has decided to ban the use of Motor Vehicles ( Both two wheelers and four wheelers) by the students to come to school. Those students who come to school by cycles must keep them locked in the place provided.


1. A student found copying or including in other malpractice during tests/exams will not be allowed to take the subsequent examinations, until the principal grants written permission besides giving zero in the subject concerned to the student and a warning letter. Such a student must also bring his parent to the principal. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal.

2.A student who tampers with marks, answer sheets or school certificates will be suspended.

Student Body

  1. There are 4 houses in school namely - Akash, Agni, Prithvi and Jal. Every student from classes III to X is in one of these houses.
  2. Each house is led by 2 Captains (one girl, one boy) and 2 Vice-Captains (one girl, one boy).
  3. They, along with the Head Boy and Head Girl, Vice-Captains of the school and Prefects, form the Students Council.
  4. Each house is under the charge of a Senior Teacher who, in turn, is assisted by several other Teachers.
  5. Houses earn points of credit for their performance in co-curricular activities, games, sports etc.
  6. At the end of the year, the house with the highest points is awarded a running trophy.
  7. Inter-House competitions are organised in sports, dramatics, debates, quizzes, etc.
  8. Every Class elects 2 monitors and these monitors are expected to maintain the decorum in the class in the absence of the teacher.
  9. They are expected to set a very good example to the rest of the class in matters of dress and behaviour.
  10. The monitors have to regularly maintain a copy bearing datewise and periodwise details of subjects taught with signature of the Teachers taking individual classes.

Awards and Prizes

Awards and prizes are presented to deserving students at the end of a scholastic session. They are as follows :

  1. First rank holder prize.
  2. Second rank holder prize.
  3. Third rank holder prize.
  4. Overall topper in academics.
  5. General proficiency.
  6. 100% Attendance prize.
  7. Best all rounder prize.
  8. Students excelling in sports and other co-curricular activities.
Running tropies, scholarships and prizes are given for Inter House/Inter Class competitions and activities.