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affiliation no 13853-58 Dated 24-10-2018

(Session 2012-13) Final CCE Report

(New) Foundation Class

IIT has now become a part & parcel of our children's bright future. The IIT Foundation course offered by Royal Public School- From innocence to knowledge aims at bringing best of the intellectual content present in the minds of the students. The purpose is to enable them to inculcate analytical power, logical thinking and reasoning capabilities and to empower them for their higher education in future. They are being exposed to various topics in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry covering all the syllabus like SSC, CBSE & ICSE, which forms as an integral & vital part of their college education. Skills like problem solving and analyzing the in-depth concepts are ensured to be inculcated in their foundation..

The course in our school is meant for class VIII to X of both SSC & CBSE. The students have to undergo a screening test to check their aptitude in Maths, Physics and Chemistry which is assessed at various levels. Those who come out with flying colours get an opportunity to undergo this foundation course. It is conducted daily in the activity period, so for these students the course itself is considered as an activity.

Teaching Methodology

An inquiry based integrated approach forms the core concept of curriculum transaction. It allows the students to explore, gather, process, refine and present information. The learning is therefore relevant and purposeful. The curriculum integrates content areas like Science, Social Studies, and Technology with process areas like Language, Art, Mathematics, Drama, and Music. These are also dealt with as standalone subjects to help the students acquire necessary skills. Inquiry approaches allow the learners to take control of their learning. They build on their prior knowledge to make and test predictions, to gather and organize information and to synthesize their findings. These conditions encourage the development of abilities like exploration, reflection, risk-taking and making an informed choice.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities provide our students with the scope and opportunities to develop appropriate skills, aptitudes and attitudes required by them to respond creatively, effectively and with compassion to various unforeseen situations in life that do not necessarily have very much to do with the transaction and assimilation of the curricular content but are of great significance to the development of their overall personalities. These activities effectively aid the growth of their personal, social, emotional, physical, psychological, intellectual, artistic and cultural strengths beyond the confines of the curriculum.

  • Hobbies-Hobbies are the most cherished pastime activities. Hobbies are timeless and ageless. They are typically borne out of personal interest and enjoyment. No individual is without a hobby, and all have atleast one hobby at sometime in their lives. Leisure creates avenue for inculcating a hobby, and passion fuels hobbies to reach new heights of prominence.
  • Some of the common and routine hobbies children like are stamp collecting, creative or artistic pursuits, sports, reading comics, gardening, cooking, and reading. Hobbies really help tired minds in relaxing fallout of a pursuit equally engaging and personally fulfilling. What is called unwinding in professional terms could be completely applied to describe hobbies.

  • Community Work-Community work aims to bring change in the lives of common people. Creating better living conditions for the not-so-privileged, and working towards economic upliftment, equipping the not-so-skilled worker with job skills, providing basic amenities like clean and hygiene surroundings, drinking water and covered drainage facilities, and making provision for power, basic education and primary health facilities all constitute a part of community work. Elevate human suffering, and provide for the needy is what is expected of community workers.
  • House System and Guidance Group
  • Adventure Activities-Mountaineering is one such activity that has recently become a much sought after adventure activity. Specialized care is taken by Royal Public School in organizing mountaineering activities.
  • Excursions-Learning within the premises of the school for long periods becomes boring. To break from the routine of school curriculum and timing, Royal Public organizes study tours and excursions, which provide not just fun but also knowledge to students. Takeaways or learnings are recorded and presented to peers and teachers for feedback and greater knowledge sharing. This is sure prominent for practice of observation skills and enhancing the reporting skills of students.