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Class X board result announced (Royal Public begs 100% result) 2009-10

            Royal Public students of class x performed well and made the school proud by achieving 100% result. The school started class, IX & X in 2007-08 with merely 7 students under the leadership of Mr Vikas Kumar Jaiswal, the mentor behind the royal public growth. It was very tough to manage expert teachers with resource constraint as no teachers were available handy to directly teach CBSE syllabus, then came Mr Vikas jaiswal from Delhi after leaving his lucrative job of Human resource manger to really manage and develop the human resource available and train them with sophisticated skill of teaching methodology, his new concepts of memory building applying with learning theories defeating forgetting curve and leading the way with patience and crossing all hurdles. The results reveals the hard work done by him and the team of trained faculty and all credit goes to the entire staff who worked day and night to make notes for the students and teach them , the credit also goes to the helping staff who kept the morale of students high.

 Analysis of result shows that on average students scored above average in social science with 98 marks as the highest which was achieved by Amit keshri. This shows that with right material right guidance and smart work anybody of average IQ can achieve these marks, Social science being considered as tough subject by students due to its superb English requirement which was very well taught by Mr Vikas Jaiswal

Science a subject of objectivity and experiments made students to have a scientific look and perceive the subject as interesting by the hard work of Mr. Dinesh and his way of teaching of deep concepts so that once students goes to deeper level, they remember better not for short term memory but remains in their mind deep enough throughout their life. Students performed well in their practical exams as well as in their board examination. Students of Royal Public really inspire the younger brothers through their legacy by achieving 89 marks as the highest by Suraj Tripathi and not only the highest inspires but also the group norms of achieving 88, 85 marks by Amit keshri and Alok Rai respectively. Our creative students (categorised by Mr. Vikas) also performed well like Amit Sing achieving 58 marks, Sandhya 50 marks, Last not least Archana scoring 46 marks.

There is Maths mania in Royal Public which is being revelled in the board result as marks scores goes below as 23 marks scored by Amit Singh as well as love for maths which was made interesting through the Lab work introduced by CBSE which shows the result of 94 scored by again Amit Keshri. The marks of students in maths are as follows: - Alok-52, Amit -94, Amit Singh-23, Verma-33, Sandhya - 23, Archana -21, Suraj Tripathi -89. We can see that overall maths achieved the lowest score so we suggest our team of experts to focus more on Maths from next time, and use your all experience so that children do not go that below level..

Language is vital component for any education weather it is written, oral or expressive overall we can see that Royal Public made sincere effort in achieving the desired result and controlling the deviation. The marks of English and Hindi can be seen in the result section of the website.

Best of Luck

Anonymous mentor (Royal Public School)

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April 2009






Class 6-10  Newsletter


A very warm...I guess “foggy” welcome back to everyone, back to our Alma Mater presently shrouded in wisps of mist, the presence of which is greatly appreciated by the students as it makes visibility for the old impossible. Everyone  forward to getting into their cozy beds each night to falling off to sleep with the lulling sound of the rain. But this season of fresh air, rainbows and pristine beauty is also accompanied by the parasitic leeches, worms and the fluttering carpets of moths spread all over every morning, which can hardly be overlooked. Students are making a tremendous effort in trying to forget that they have a new and more difficult test waiting for them every morning, an effort which is greater than the one put into revision. Gone are the days when young inventive minds used to dream and wonder during the excruciating study hours. Now the young geniuses are forced to stare into their books, which have taken the place of the windows. This new system is keeping the students on their toes and is surely going to help everyone in their last minute preparations before the examinations. Everyone is trying to show off all their skills acquired over the years as the Inter-house matches begin. Chess and carom boards too are being dragged out of the cupboards as some are trying to prove their intelligence and some their sense of direction. We know what the result of a next match will be but still we would like to wish them all the luck. I’d like to congratulate all the new faces who have been plucking up the courage to participate in debates. It would be really encouraging to see those from the floor reveal their debating skills. The students were really ecstatic after a town exit, and have already started planning the new items they are going to try on the menus of various restaurants next time. July is already  nearing its end. With time just flying by, I would like to remind everyone to make the most of all the moments and use the time they have in doing something productive...and nothing that they will regret.


Fareen Naz


Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe





In conversation with Mr. Vikas Jaiswal

Bipin :              How do you feel on becoming the Principal?

Mr. Vikas:        I feel good. I think it is a very challenging job as there is a lot of expectation from the staff as well as students.


Bipin :             How would you describe the whole experience till now?

Mr. Vikas:        It has been a very fulfilling as well as a learning experience for me especially in the field of administration and management.


Bipin :              Had you ever imagined that you would be the Principal? Did you have plans of becoming one?

Mr. Vikas:        Honestly, I had never imagined myself being the Principal of Royal Public S School. I did have plans of becoming one in some other institution, though. You know - one has to move ahead.


Bipin :             Is there any time you think you’d prefer your old life?

Mr. Vikas:        Yes, I do remember my old life when I am extremely tense. But I have got a solution for that. When I am tense, I want to teach. That makes me forget all the worries arising from work.


Bipin :             What is the biggest difference between then and now?

Mr. Vikas:        There is no such difference except in the designation . There is more responsibility and ofcourse more expectation from other members of staff and students.


Bipin :             What are the changes you have observed in yourself after becoming Principal?

Mr. Vikas:        As far as physical change is concerned, I have gained weight and as it is visible to everyone,. And of course there is a great change in my schedule.


Bipin :             What is the worst aspect of this post?

Mr. Vikas:        The worst aspect is that you cannot please everyone. At times, I have to take a hard decision to maintain discipline and decorum in the school.


Bipin :              Being the Principal, do you have any plans to bring about any changes in the school?

Mr. Vikas:        I don’t think there in any need for any change as everything is in order. Everyone is working well, but this does not mean I am ruling out any kind of change. There is always room for change. If there is any change required, we will definitely make it.


Bipin :             So, who do you think is going to win the cricket match on Sports Day to be held on teachers day– students or staff ?

Mr. Vikas:        There is no doubt, the teachers are always the winners and I am sure we will be the champions this time too.


Bipin :             What would you like to say to the students on the coming Teachers’ Day?

Mr. Vikas:        On this Teachers’ Day, I would like to tell the students that always remember what your teachers have done for you. Sometimes the teachers have to be harsh with you to keep you on track, but you should never misunderstand them. They are concerned about you and that is why they check you.


No bubble is so iridescent or floats longer than that blown by the successful teacher.






We, the students of class 9, would like to show our appreciation to all our teachers who have always guided us in our work and have always been there in times of trouble. We would like to express our debt to our ever so helpful teachers who have always had a solution for every problem of ours. We are really very sorry for the mischief and all the mistakes that we have committed and we promise that we’ll try never to do them again in the future.

When we first came to school, we were scared of

you but now that we’ve been with you for some time, we have realized that how helpful and caring you are and how have learnt from you. We appreciate your hard work and the precious time you have spent with us.

                                                                                                                                                 Class 9



O u r caring, considerate and kind teachers! This is to tell you how grateful we all are for your teaching and the knowledge you have imparted to us. You have not only given us knowledge but also the wisdom to solve our problems and to make the right choice. You've also helped us in games since education only from books is not everything. We also need some fun and games. When we came to the Senior School and it was our first day here, we were quite alarmed. We were also curious and in a strange way, happy too. When we talked to the teachers we thought they were strict but we slowly realized how helpful they were. Here all the teachers are very helpful and kind and they explain everything very well. We found all of them important in some way or the other.

                                                                                                                                               Class 8



T he students of Class 8 would like to express to our very considerate, kind and warm-hearted teachers our heartfelt thanks. The students are very grateful to our teachers for their useful guidance in difficult situations and hard times. The morals, knowledge and wisdom that we have received from our teachers and the love and care shown to us over the past years will always be remembered. We hope that your wishes and regards are always with us and that you will always be there for us.


Thank You.

                                                                                                Class 7



D ear Teachers,

Words fail us when it comes to thanking you. Your endless efforts and love has had a far reaching effect on us and will prove to be the greatest help in future. You revealed to us our abilities and have helped us to reach forth towards our destinies. You have tried to be impeccable in every possible way so that you set an example for us. You’ve always been patient with us and have listened to our problems with attention and concern. There is no artery or vein in our bodies which doesn’t carry blood mingled with a current of gratitude.

Thank You!

TEACHERS - ‘T’ – Tolerating, ‘E’ – Energetic, ‘A’ –

Adorable, ‘C’ – Cheerful, ‘H’ – Honorable, ‘E’ –

Endeavoring, ‘R’ – Role models, ‘S’– School.

                                                                               Class 6


Diligence is a great teacher.



 A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.




I met you in the classroom

You were a stranger to me.

When I felt homesick;

You consoled me by saying that ,"I too feel homesick.”

When I was stuck in a Math problem;

You explained by saying, "It’s easy."

When I scored a ‘B’ grade in any subject,

You didn't let me be disappointed,

And said, "It’s at least better than C and D"

When I didn't reach the finish line;

You still cheered for me.

When I had a bad day with my friends;

You said to me, "I will always be your friend."

You were unknown to me.

But now, teacher, you are my inspiration.


Ishwarchand Class X




My weak and youthful dreams were almost destroyed.

They remained as I had envisioned them long ago.

Before I realize it my heart spent its fire.

Yes, over time, I have come to terms with grief and reality.

Even if I was hurt, even if I cried, even if I fell apart, you

were always with me.

There’s a stage that glimmers with blue light

And if I have taken my first step up to it.

I’ll take my story that I timidly opened up to you

And change it into an endless vow

For now, please continue to watch over me.

As you are my guardian angel,

Thank you teachers for all you have done

Being with you is so much fun.






























                    Teaching is not a lost art, but the regards for it is a lost tradition.              



The Editorial Board would also like to express its

heartfelt gratitude to all our teachers for everything

they have done for us.