Improving Lives Through Education

Recognised School via
affiliation no 13853-58 Dated 24-10-2018


"The aim of this institution is to usher in a generation of human perfection with a strong moral character, a deep aesthetic sense, an astute political consciousness, a logical social awareness and above all sensitivity towards the others."

Honest thinking, open expression and a courageous stance on all issues is what Royal Public school aspires to achieve.

The school trains the children in such a way with a sense of respect for life that they would think of each day as a special gift and unwrap it gratefully always bearing in the mind that a kind and compassionate act is often its own reward.




" We believe that all children can learn once they are given the opportunity in an appropriate productive learning environment.

As a result, we create a community of life-long learners through integrating student-based learning, curriculum –based learning and life experiences. " 

'Give a man a fish, you have earned him his food for a day, teach a man to fish and you have earned him food for a life'. This is the simplest principle behind the choice of Royal Public.

Parents who wish to see their children grow into rational beings rather than memorizing machines find an intellectual companion in Royal Public which is a fresh diversion from the conventional system ensuring the enhancement of the childs capacity to think, to analyze and to act rationally.

The best way to free ourselves from our limitations is to first recognize them. Royal Public gives each child ample opportunities to recognize his weaknesses, discover his strength and march ahead with renewed vigor and a sense of direction.

With the course of time man has broken all the boundaries
and reached such heights which once upon a time was thought as fantasy. Royal Public aims at nurturing & moulding its children in a way so that they not only fantasize but also be able to land into the world of fantasy to get them tuned to the rest of the world, and come up as icons.



Royal Public School - Improving Lives through Education is a dream, a dream conceived out of the vast experience of training young minds to meet global challenges by the Founder of Royal Public  School . Thus is born Royal Public , with the aim of providing holistic education to children who aspire for dream careers. Royal Public was established in Year 2000.


Mr. Vijay Shankar

Chairman's Message


Another year of consistent growth                                                                    

At the outset, I wish all of you a very happy and prosperous New Year.

We, at RPS, have completed one more eventful year moving towards greater glory and achievements. The year 2008 was a period of consolidation, stability and consistent growth. RPS scaled new peaks in performance during the period. Some of the most remarkable achievements during the year includes:

Elevation of RPS as the largest  school in , the autonomous sector, with a total intake capacity of 350 students.

Exceptional status for RPS  as the most preferred choice for admission among all the private self-financing schools in Adalhat.

We take this opportunity to rededicate ourselves to continue our expedition to scale still higher peaks during 2009.

Having been in the forefront of the secondary education sector in India for the last decade, and engaged in shaping the destiny of our younger generation, I think it is time for us to have a rethinking on the purpose and role of education in moulding the young individuals to create a brighter future for the humanity at large.

It seems to me that there is need for a radical realignment and redefining of the purpose of education in the emerging socio cultural scenario. Today the focus is simply on educating the individuals to equip them with a set of skills and aggregation of knowledge to meet the needs of economic activity in the market place. In the process of shaping individuals into components of economic production we are missing the deeper meaning and higher nobler purpose of education. What we give today in the name of education is restricted to a kind of conditioning of the individual, preparing him for the limited function of fulfilling the requirements of the market economy. This fragmented education is no longer sufficient to resolve the more crucial problems we are facing in the world.

Let us try to explore the unexplored human potential embracing it fully to give rise to immensely creative and transformative approaches to life’s challenges, which will in turn touch the heart of education – the creation of a happy life to all.

Mr. Vijay Shankar
Chairman, Royal Public School




Mr. Vijay Shankar

Administrator/President ( Royal Public Educational Society - Governing Body)
Dr. Vikas Jaiswal


 Mr. Hissamuddin

Director of Studies

Mrs. Kanchan ( Co-ordinator Kids section) 

Staff Representative
Miss. Razia (HOD Hindi)

Public Relation Officer

Mr Manoj